Repair responsibility tool

Our repair responsibility tool will help tenants determine if fixing a fault is our responsibility or yours.
Repair responsibility tool

If you're an AHA tenant and want to find out who is responsible for repairs in your home, simply click on the buttons below that apply to your situation and follow the questions through until the end. 

Partial Ownership leaseholders have different repair responsibilities depending on if they live in a flat or a house, or if there are private roads, car parking spaces, drainage, footpaths and landscaping that are owned and maintained by AHA. Therefore the service charges and responsibilities vary on each housing development and we recommend that partial owners check their lease to understand their responsibilities on what they maintain in and around their home and what AHA maintains.

Repair responsibility tool

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Who is responsible?

  • Replacing plugs and chains in baths and sinks as necessary
  • Replacing broken toilet seats and lids
  • Replacing worn or broken shower head and hose
  • Replacing shower poles and curtains
  • Keeping drains, grilles and waste pipes clear and regularly flushed
  • Unblocking drainage within the property for example toilets, sink, basins, bath or shower.
  • Replacing filters and lamps in cooker extraction hoods
  • Replacing damaged door handles, knockers, letterboxes and gate catches
  • Replacing broken windows and glass
  • Replacing damaged doors
  • Replacing lost keys
  • To insure that if your electric goes off that you check trip switches and possible faulty appliances before calling AHA. Attendance by an electrician to a power outage caused by a faulty appliance will incur a recharge.
  • Check there is not a power cut
  • Check you have credit if on a pay-as-you-go card
  • Damage to sockets or switches
  • Replacing fuses, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and re-setting trip switches.
  • Please remember to replace any light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs. This will ensure your home remains energy efficient and keep bills low.
  • These are solely the responsibility of AHA
  • Replacing damaged floor and wall tiles
  • Responsible for keeping the inside of your home painted and decorated. Remember:
    • you can only paint your walls in neutral colours
    • you are not allowed to use wallpaper or paper borders to decorate your house
  • Regularly testing smoke/heat detectors (where fitted) inside your property, plus replacing batteries. We have an ongoing programme of replacing hardwired detectors in homes within five or ten years, and we will arrange to do this
  • If an emergency occurs involving leaking gas you may need to turn your gas bottle off and should immediately contact:
    • The gas bottle supplier if its leaking up to the regulator
    • The AHA Manager; or
    • The Fire Brigade (999)
    • The Emergency plumber
  • Checking or servicing your cooker or other appliances that belong to you.
  • Problems with your gas equipment that is not an emergency should be reported directly to AHA during working hours
  • Cleaning of MVHR vents
  • Replacement of bulbs

It is your responsibility to keep your garden neat and well cared for. You should:

  • Cut grassed areas regularly
  • Trim all shrubs and hedges regularly, making sure they do not grow taller than 6 feet (1.8 metres). Nor should they overhang public roads, footpaths or your neighbours' property.
  • Keep the property free from weeds, rubbish, discarded items, animal fouling and noxious substances.

You will need our written permission before you:

  • Remove or cut back any trees or hedges or adapt in any way walls, earth banks or fencing, or plant or erect new ones
  • Use or modify the property for in-garden parking or vehicle access
  • Erect sheds or other outbuildings
  • Carry out any repairs that are needed because the property has been damaged, misused or neglected by you, your family or visitors
  • Making good any damage caused to the estate by you, your family or visitors
  • ‘Pop-up’ type sink plugs
  • Fitted radiators and controls installed by us
  • Blocked internal drains if tenant has tried and failed to clear them using drain cleaner or by cleaning any traps.  This may be chargeable.
  • Pipes and ducting
  • All fixtures including taps, bath, toilet, shower, basin, kitchen sink
  • Replacing worn door handles, locks, knockers, letterboxes and gate catches
  • Windows (excluding glazing and cleaning)
  • Repairing worn, twisted or swollen doors
  • Electrical wiring and sockets/switches.
  • All communal areas
  • Annual servicing and fluid top up
  • All maintenance
  • Painting the exterior of your building including the front door and boundary walls
  • Cracks in walls
  • Regularly testing communal area fire alarms
  • We are legally obliged to carry out a safety check and service of any gas appliances we have installed in your home. This may be once a year or every three years
    • Our contractor will contact you to make an appointment to carry out the service
    • You must allow our contractor into your home so that they can carry out this important work
    • There is no extra cost to you for this service
    • If you fail to allow access or deny access for the work, then we will have to gain entry to carry out the work and we may charge you the access costs
  • Faults with the gas pipe work or flue
  • Water pipes
  • Hot water systems, central heating and solar panels where fitted
  • Service and maintenance of MVHR unit
  • Annual service of boiler
  • Communal and exterior lighting 
  • All communal areas and trees
  • Storm damage
  • General wear and tear

If the repair responsibility tool hasn't answered your query then please use the contact us page or get in touch using the details here to report a repair.